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Blog Articles

Maja Kelava

2021-04-27 16:26:43

Holidays in the Time of Coronavirus

As we all can see coronavirus has reached almost every country in the world. Its spread has damaged our health,economy and social life and as a result we have a pandemic. The Pandemic has changed our lives,bringing us something that we call “new normal”. New Normal means less social contact,which leads us to our PRIVATE sphere including our family and small groups of friends.

So we are all asking ourselves how should we approach holiday plans this year ?

It's always important to take sensible precautions. Most viruses are spread through the air you breathe,and the surfaces that you touch. It is very important to keep at least 2 meter distance between yourself and others whenever possible. Also important is to wear a face mask when in public spaces,especially indoors. Routine hand washing and application of hand sanitizer can limit contact contamination. Personal sanitation and hygiene are essential and our PRIVATE GROUP TOURS will increase your personal space.

Safe Travels Certification

Have a look at our tours...

Safe Travels Certification Stamp

You can find Safe Travels Certification Stamp in those tours that have applied for it and were accepted. This ensures you a Higher Level of Safety. But nothing like a Private Tour with this stamp.

We find it necessary to guarantee your safety. That is why the Safe Travels Certification from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is a crucial standard for us.

Let me explain to you what is the Safe Travels Certification ?

Safe Travels is a set of safety protocols. This certification monitors the correct application of all established hygiene and the correct application of all hygiene and sanitation protocols.The protocols outline actions that travel industry should take both behind the scene ( retraining staff,revising cleaning procedures) and when welcoming guests ( mandating masks where required, monitoring guest numbers). Once a company has implemented the new protocols, it is eligible for the bright green safety stamp, which it can display on its website.

It is always worth researching the company you are traveling with, so if you don't see the stamp, feel free to ask about it.

If you have any questions just click here and feel free to ask !

Clean & Safe Badge by Portugal Tourism Board

Turismo de Portugal created a label to highlight tourist activities that ensure compliance with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention of Covid-19 and other possible infections. With this measure Turismo de Portugal intends to inform companies on the hygiene and cleaning measures to ensure safety.Our highest priority is the health,safety and security of our guests.

Check Portuguese Clean & Safe tours

Clean & Safe Certification

Clean & Safe Certification from Tourism of Portugal was a pioneer in the market and the first coronavirus safety certification in the world.

Private Group Tours

Check our Private Group Tours

We will do our best to provide you with great Sensations

The "new normal" situation brought new challenges. We do our best to ensure your safety.

To ensure your safety we have prepared private activities for you and your loved ones. Private Group Tours means higher levels of safety. Build your own tour group with your family,friends or couples. Match your group to our personal tours and you`ll get your own itinerary,tour guide,transportation and private trip.

When you take the private tours path to travel,you`ll have plenty of choices. Some of the most popular destinations we are offering are Portugal, Greece,Italy, Spain and Croatia. Explore private activities we prepared for you in each destination and collect memories of your special moments during your holiday. Best of all, on a private tour, your group gets more dedicated time with the local tour guide. Not only that, having a tour guide in time of Covid-19 is important because they are able to give you up-to-date information on the situation in your chosen destination.

Check our private tours

Can holidays in the coming months be saved ?

Try some of our special moments

Nothing like some outdoors activities

We have plenty of outdoors sensations. These combined with Private Sensations or even Premium Sensations that combines some privacy at better costs will provide you some special moments for sure.

After a winter in isolation, summer travel dreams feel like a glimmer of hope. This summer we expect travellers will focus on going on getaways that offer outdoor experiences. Such experiences we have prepared for you, private luxury tours in private destinations,away from crowds and protected in your own group. And for many,this could be an opportunity to get to know their own countries.

We are ready for summer 2021! We are waiting for you !

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