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Aleksandra Casetta

2021-06-04 11:21:03

10 Wonderful Facts Why You Should Visit Italy

Italy is a destination that needs no special introduction. It’s a stunning, magical place that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Culture, architecture, food, history, stunning natural scenery...the reasons to visit Italy are endless!

So, what makes Italy so Special? Find here...

Scooters or Vespas are widely used

The Vespa is a classic Scooter from Italy. Cities like Rome have its streets full of happy Vespa riders.

Once you visit this beautiful country you'll probably be coming back again and again. Italy is a “classic” between touristic destinations and it will never go out of style! It’s a perfect place for history lovers, adventure seekers, gourmets, romantic souls and for people of all ages.

So, what makes Italy so special?


There is no other city like Rome. The capital of Italy is a perfect harmony between present and past, the magical place where a modern 21st-century city meets 2800 years of history.

If you want to spend some special moments in Italy, Rome is a perfect place to head to.

Try Rome with Holiday Senses

Visit the Colosseum

Visit the Colosseum of Rome, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Visit the Colosseum,one of the seven wonders of the world or the imposing Roman Forum in our culture and view excursions and go back in time to Julius Caesar and Nero. If you are a history and art lover or a religious person, visit the Vatican in some of our personal and private experiences.

Fall in love with Rome's Fountains

Fall in love with the beautiful roman fountains

Fall in love with the beautiful roman fountains like "Fontana di Trevi", "Fontana del Tritone", and many more.

“All roads lead to Rome” and you will definitely fall in love with this breathtaking city. Stroll down the streets wrapped around the ancient columns and ruins, enjoy the relaxing walk along the banks of the Tiber river, fall in love with the beautiful roman fountains or just enjoy the best ice cream and espresso in the world! Ohhh, the Tartufos, yes… the amazing Tartufos in Piazza Navona.


Italy is a cradle of arts.The legacy of italian artists, architects and inventors is still alive these days. It’s a land of thousands of years of history, of the mighty roman empire, the birthplace of Renaissance and a home of 55 Unesco heritage sites.

You will definitely be seduced by it’s architectural, artistic and historic treasures.

Italy is a true wonderland and haven for the art, history and architecture lovers, so if you are one of them let us organize for you some unforgettable personal tours in Italy. Let us guide you through some of the most famous museums and galleries such as The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The Sistine Chapel in Vatican, The Borghese Gallery in Rome or Galleria dell’Accademia in Venice.

Culure and heritage is everywhere

Amazing religious heritage

Religious and Cultural heritage is allover Italy. You have plenty to choose from wherever you go.

The list of historic sites and museums in Italy is endless. Everywhere you go you’ll be surrounded by architectural masterpieces and some of the most famous works of art. Come and join us on the journey through the 2800 years of history. The land of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Dante Alighieri is waiting for you!

Enjoy Venice with us...

Venice and its Channels

Venice and its Channels are a no miss city. There are no cars in the center of this town. Boats take over from here. And the gondola...


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It’s a natural wonder itself that you just can’t miss out on exploring.

It’s a land of natural diversities and contradictions, the place where you can find the best beaches in Europe and mountains to go skiing in the wintertime.

Italy is a perfect harmony of natural contrasts, a place where snow capped peaks of the Alps meet orange groves of Sicily and the picturesque villages and vineyards of Tuscany.

Get into one of our tours out of the city you are in

Amazing landscapes

The Dolomites beginning the Alps are just one of the several amazing landscapes you can find from north to south of Italy.

You will be able to choose between the peaceful alpine meadows and dramatic volcanic landscapes of Sicily, lakes like Como, Garda and Maggiore and their enchanting landscapes or dazzling islands Lampedusa, Stromboli, Elba, Capri and Sardinia and their white beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect places to enjoy our private luxury tours!

If you want to escape from the city crowds and minimise social mixing you should definitely go to Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa or Grand Paradiso in the italian Alps. It’s a year round destination with its iconic snow - capped peaks for ski enthusiasts, hiking trails to explore in the summer and picturesque resort towns and medieval villages. Perfect scenery for some personal tours and private activities.

Try out our Premium Experiences and smell the nature of the enchanting italian landscapes or enjoy the magic of the italian coast and islands.


Italian food is the most famous , appreciated and copied in the world. Every region hides its own flavour, recipe, specific cheese and wine.

Italian cuisine is colourful, delicious and full of passion!

Try the best wood-fired pizzas of Naples or even make it on your own in our tastes and smells excursions in small groups.

Taste and Smell Italian Cuisine

The Pizza, ohh the Pizzas are tasty

Try the best wood-fired pizzas or even make it on your own in our tastes and smells excursions in small groups.

We will take you to the best Tuscan wineries and let you try the finest quality red wine. Meet Chianti, Montalcino, Piemont, Lombardy where you will be able to taste the best homemade pasta ,meat based delicacies and local farm products.

Go further beyond your knowledge about italian gastronomy and open your mind for some less known and more specific dishes that will definitely make you never forget your holidays in Italy.


From the north to the south, Italy is a home to numerous magnificent and world-known cities.

Rome, Eternal city, stunning cultural metropolis, capital of the mighty Roman Empire, with its imposing ancient ruins; Venice, Genoa and Milan, medieval economic powers; Florence, the birthplace of renaissance dominated by its majestic catedral...

Visit Milan with us

Duomo di Milano

Millan's Cathedral ... just have no words for it.

You can enjoy the view from the Pisa leaning tower and take a gondola ride through the charming bridges of Venice, the perfect place for couples and romantic souls. Feel the city of Milan and its bohemian atmosphere and admire its magnificent Duomo with our private tours in Italy.

Visit hospitable, southern towns and villages such as Amalfi, Positano, Sorento, stroll down their winding, colourful streets and feel the Mediterranean vibe of the italian coast.


Italy is surrounded by five seas: Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Ligurian.

Whichever part of the “boot” you choose for your vacations you will not be disappointed. The beaches and landscapes differ from one region to another but still can meet all demands and satisfy all tastes.

You will be delighted with scenic beaches and the idyllic beauty of Puglia in the deep south of Italy. Enjoy your special moments in Italy between olive trees and crystal clear sea. Find your dolce vita strolling down the tiny, picturesque villages of Amalfi coast and try some traditional focaccia while sailing on the beautiful coast of Liguria.

Why not visit the coast?

Beautiful Coastline

Italy's coastline is the longest in Europe. Did you know that? It rivals with Greek's.


For nature lovers and those who want to escape from city crowds, italian lakes are the perfect place to go. They offer you scenic and idyllic landscapes with crystal clear waters surrounded by mountains and vineyards…

The most famous is certainly Lake Como. Take a boat ride with some of our private tours in Italy and admire the view over the alpine peaks or the stunning villas on the water’s edge.

Enjoy your adventures on Lake Garda and it’s unique microclimate between olive groves, citrus trees and vineyards.

You can also organize some outdoor adventures with our personal tours in italy.

Stunning landscapes, peaceful, picturesque villages and towns, where you can enjoy the traditional food and a lot of outdoor activities make italian lakes a destination for all. Come and enjoy this perfect combination of thrills and good weather!

Visit these lakes from Milan

Amazing Lakes like Lake of Garda

Amazing Lakes like Lake of Garda offer a diversity of Sensations and Special Moments you can live. Lake Como with its view to the Alps is also an excellent choice.


Wine plays an important part in the country’s identity and culture and Italy is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world. You can’t properly explore and understand italian cultural heritage without diving into the world of excellent italian wines.

Visit Tuscany and experience Wine Sensations

Try some of the best wines in the world

Holiday Senses offers several wine sensations. Try some of our Private or Premium Sensations for example around Tuscany or from Florence.

So if you are passionate about wine we will take you to the best cellars of Tuscany. Have lunch surrounded by the romantic vineyards and learn something about winemaking while degustating the finest red wine in the world!

Come with us and discover why old latins used to say “in vino veritas”!


Italians celebrate numerous festivals. Actually, they have fun and fascinating festivals every month of the year! It’s a great opportunity to come together but also to learn something new and interesting about the country itself.

Italian festivals and carnivals are famous all over the world for their scale and eccentricity.

Visit Venice with our private sensations and enjoy the great extravagance and splendor of the famous Carnevale and it’s fabulous decoration.

Live your special moments in Siena during its festival of Palio, a big horse riding game.

Venice is one click away

Venice famous Carnevale

Visit Venice with our private sensations and enjoy the great extravagance and splendor of the famous Carnevale and it’s fabulous decoration. It's not quite Rio's ... in fact a lot different.

Join the largest food fight in Europe - the Battle of Oranges or visit Pisa and go back to the 18th century with the famous Game of the Bridge festival in june.

Life is supposed to be fun!


Italy is a shopper’s paradise, the trend-maker for the whole world and Milan is the capital of fashion! Book your private tour in Italy during the sale season, visit the best commercial malls and buy shoes, bags and clothing of your favourite brands with big discounts.

Italian lifestyle is imitated all over the world. Italy is the homeland of Ferrary and Lamborghini and Italians appreciate beautiful design. For an italian, learning how to make good coffee is essential! You can learn to make pasta and pizza yourself from the original recipes, drink the best italian wine, get to know the italian music better and learn some italian gestures and expressions.

You can taste the best Coffee anywhere in Italy

Ohh, the Coffee

What to say about Italian Coffee... Its the most famous in the world. And the Cappuccinos are delicious.

So, let us organize for you some unforgettable moments in the land of love, music and wine!

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