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Hugo Leite

2021-03-24 17:46:05

What Is Holiday Senses

First of all Holiday Senses or is a tourism activities online marketplace. Our main goal is to provide Unique Sensations to the traveler. We want to be known as that place to find the best Private Group Tours in our destinations. We offer two modalities of privacy. Completely private and almost private that we call Premium Experiences.

This last segment is aimed at those that want the comfort of privacy but do not want to spend so much either because they are traveling alone or in a small group of two or three for example. In that case by choosing our Premium Sensations they can open a request for someone to join in just the numbers they allow. For example, a Private Sensation can be opened for five up to seven people being that three are from the requester group. If the minimum number of five people and no more than seven is met the Private Group Tour will take place on the first date possible for everyone.

The price per person can and will be more pleasant for everyone and the risk of Covid-19 contagiation is still reduced. Mass market tickets tours are so avoided.

Also, the advantage of either pure Private Group Tours or Premium Experiences is that the chance to have really special moments is much higher. We do not mean that ticket tours can’t provide special moments of some kind just that they are not so intimate as in the other modalities.

We started as a portuguese company

When we started operating portuguese incoming travel market was at a boom. So, naturally we started by offering Portugal as a destination. Our main destinations in Portugal are of course the capital Lisbon. But also the second largest city Oporto region as known to the british is a no miss place.

Try our destination Portugal

Bordeira Beach

We started offering Portugal as a destination. A country with a great variety of interests. Good food & wine, great culture, landscapes. And the beach and sea... what to say.

Anyway, as I was saying Lisbon offers a wide range of Sensations aimed at all tastes of travelers. For those who love exploring the city we suggest our Feel the City lifestyle sensation. But a boat tour on the river Tagus is a no miss experience. We have plenty to choose from in our Nautical lifestyle. You can book all sorts of Tours inside the city or Out of the Region as Lisbon has plenty to offer as well as its surrounding areas.

Check out our Sensations in Lisbon

Lisbon the best European destination for several years

Lisbon is where we are based. A wonderful city bathed by the river Tagus at its north bank just where the river meats the sea.

Oporto and its neighbouring city Vila Nova de Gaia make a great destination too (with plenty of international awards to sustain this statement). One of the richnesses of Oporto is the Porto Wine. Here a visit to the cellars or a tour by the Douro River either by boat, car or van are a no miss. We guarantee that some special moments here will not be forgotten easily.

Checkout our Oporto Sensations

Oporto the second Portuguese largest city

Oporto is a city by the sea in the north-east of portugal. Known by its imponent bridges and by the production of the famous Port wine.

Another popular destination in Portugal is the Algarve, or the Algarves as our ancient fathers named this region. Cities like Albufeira, Portimão (and Praia da Rocha), Lagos are very popular to foreigners in the summer. But you can’t also skip Vilamoura, Faro or Tavira when speaking about good tourism.

Try some Private or Premium sensations in Algarve

The Algarve West-side coast

The Algarve is the most important touristic region of Portugal. The Algarve has transformed in one of the Portuguese regions with more foreign residents. OMG and tourism in the summer with the British on top. Superb!!!

The final destination to mention for now in Portugal is the Azores islands. Named from a bird native to those islands is a natural heaven yet to be explored. All sorts of nature tourism (found in Smell the Nature or Nautical Lifestyles) can be booked here. From whale or dolphin watch to canyoning or just a Jeep Tour just explore the most popular island of São Miguel and you will not be disappointed. Very Special moments are guaranteed here.

Check out this amazing island

São Miguel the best island in Azores?

São Miguel is the largest island in the archipelago of the Azores, in Portugal. It is known for its volcanic landscape, flora and rich marine life, which includes whales. It is ideal for any sort of Nature tourism and relaxation.

Where to go from here

As we love everything about the sun (check Sun Water and Fun Lifestyle), food (Tastes and Smells Lifestyle) and culture (Culture and a View Lifestyle) the natural countries to offer are the ones in South Europe.

Spain is a natural destination, with Barcelona being its exlibris. Like Lisbon, Barcelona is a city by the sea and a mix of culture (who doesn’t know Gaudi) and relaxation can be done. Our Private and Premium tours here will guarantee you Special Moments you won’t forget. Why don’t you see by yourself?

Don't miss Barcelona and click here

Barcelona the Gaudi's playground

Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is today an important cultural center and a popular tourist destination. Particularly well-known are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Who can miss Italy? We couldn’t for sure. What to say, Rome the Eternal City, Tuscany and Florence, Venice, Almafi Coast are just of the many popular destinations we can find in this country. Ohh, and the food, yes … the food. Not to say that culture is everywhere.

Will you miss Italy? Nooo...

Can't miss Italy

Italy probably the second country in Europe with the most ancient culture, following Greece. A marvelous food and a sea coast of another world.

Then Croatia and Greece were obvious destinations too.

Croatia is a small country but with plenty to choose from. Split and Dubrovnik are its most popular cities, but there is much more to see than this. From Croatia you can visit the neighbouring countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia in one day tours. This is also a country for you if you love the sea, culture and nature.

Visit Croatia with Holiday Senses advantages

Croatia the country of the "Pearl of Adriatic"

Dubrovnik is also said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world; lord Byron named it “the Pearl of Adriatic.

Regarding Greece, it dispenses presentations. With 6,000 islands (Ohh my God) and the most ancient culture in the vicinity, older than Roman it was the birth of democracy. However Greece offers a mix of culture with a great summer destination.

At Athens its capital you can reach most of the Central Greece, Peloponnese Peninsula or visit the city in one day tours. We continue to suggest Private Group Tours (be them completely Private or Premium) to assure the best Special Moments. Why not try visiting Metheora.

Islands like Santorini, Crete, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes or Sporades are just some of the can’t skip places here. Have a look in the link below to find out what to do in those places.

Difficult to choose where to go in Greece... we help!!!

Greece the ancient culture and top sea activities

Greece features a vast number of islands - between 1,200 and 6,000, depending on the definition, 227 of which are inhabited - and is considered a non-contiguous transcontinental country.

Other destinations

You can now find great things to do also in Hungary, Bulgaria and of course Czech Republic. Germany and Austria as well as Poland will have very interesting Sensations in the near future.

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