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Maja Kelava

2022-05-19 11:05:35

Explore Rome In A Private Or Premium Way

What is the best place to get the best personal experiences in Italy ? The answer is Rome, the capital of Italy.

Check here what Eternal City has in offer πŸ‘ˆ

Rome also known as the Eternal City

Ancient, mysterious and stunning city of Rome surely deserves its title as an eternal city. Rome has preserved all the glories from its past, and there are countless unique attractions and monuments that cannot be neglected while visiting this city. One of the greatest marvels of visiting Rome is seeing a perfect combination of storied history and modern life. Holiday Senses will help you to truly explore this amazing city with our private luxury tours and to collect special moments in Italy.


Find our best Rome Intimate Sensations

To find the best private group tours in Italy simply type in Rome on our main page. Another way to find it is to scroll down to the most popular regions, and you can always find Rome there as it is the most popular city among many others.

Filter Your Holidays In Rome by Clicking Here

How to find our Filters

After that you can find the best sensations divided in groups with different types of holidays. You can feel the city, smell the nature, and taste delicious Italian. Or if you have something in mind, but you need a little help to find it, simply filter your search. On the right side tap the button as shown in the picture and filter it. Search by keywords and adjust the price and number of participants.

In this article we will help you choose the best sensation by showing you one of the best tours we have. Don't hesitate to ask us to help you. We are always ready to help to guide you through the enchanting journey that awaits you.


Rome private activities are the best solution for your travel needs. You need to take a break from your everyday routine or you simply need to collect special moments with your loved ones, the best private tours in Rome are waiting for you.

Delicious moments in Rome here πŸ‘ˆ


Here is one example of the private experiences to explore this ancient city and feel its spirit. All in one, private, guided, visit to colosseum, food and wine. Perfect match for you. Just one click away from your relaxing holidays.

Explore the most iconic and amazing monuments in an eternal city. Without having to wait a single minute in the queue. You can experience the historic Roman icon Colosseum to the fullest with access to areas that are typically closed to the public – Underground Chambers, Gladiator’s Entrance and Arena Floor. As you proceed across the footsteps of Roman gladiators, your expert guide will share stories and facts from the city’s enormous history.

Book Hot Air Balloon Flight in Rome 🎈

ROME LUXURY TOUR: Exclusive Air Balloon flight experience

For those who want something extraordinary and exciting, this tour is a perfect choice. Private luxury tours of Italy are designed for travelers in order to fulfill their travel fantasies.

Live the unique experience to flight above the cypress-studded hills and vineyards of the Roman Territory on a 1-hour hot-air balloon flight.

Discover how the balloons are prepared and how they do work once you arrive. The Pilots will finish the last checks then will give you a briefing and some precious information about safety and flight conditions. You would climb into the balloon basket and begin your float to altitudes up to 2,000 feet.

Fly over valleys and castles, admiring the breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape below you.

Discover Rome by Night 🌜 Book Now !

Rome By Night Tour With Private Driver - Dinner Included

Rome by Night with Chauffeur Dinner Included is the most intimate Italy experience. Discover Rome and all its highlights, learn about Roman history and be amazed by Italian culture.

Discover the Eternal City during the most romantic of hours – once the sun has drifted beyond the horizon and the splendor of the world’s most magnificent monuments reveals itself beneath glinting lights.

Your chauffeur-driven carriage awaits as an experienced guide will weave their way from Janiculum Hill to the Coliseum and beyond, sharing many insights of this timeless metropolis. Depart from your hotel and experience a journey through history finished off with a delectable dinner– all included in the price.

Wander through streets of Rome in a different way πŸ™‚

Discover Rome by Golf cart with food tasting

You will never be wrong if you choose food tasting tours. Try delicious Italian food in a fun and private way. Choose private group tours to wander through Rome and prepare to be amazed.

Discover Rome by Golf cart with food tasting is the most interesting and relaxed tour to discover the Baroque district of Rome and to taste Italian food.

This special tour is highly recommended for the first time visit to Rome, will see the major attractions from outside with this eco-friendly golf cart. The Guide will explain some interesting curiosities.


The best way, as we already said, to enjoy while traveling is to enjoy private and comfortable experiences. Sometimes you don't want to spend your holidays alone but yet don't want to join big groups in the mass market. The solution for your problems are our PREMIUM tours. Enjoy private tours and live a luxurious lifestyle while sharing the cost of the tour with others. Along the way you will meet new people and most possible your new friends.

Premium Rome ? Yes, please ! πŸ˜‰ Join the Group here !

Tour in Rome, full day

An unforgettable tour to visit ancient Rome, Imperial Rome and the charm of Renaissance Rome. A premium tour tailored to your needs, without time limits, you can coordinate the sightseeing tour during the day, weather permitting you can also visit the shopping and outlet streets.

Your personal driver with a luxury vehicle will accompany you throughout the city, stopping in the most important squares and historical monuments such as: The Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon, piazza Navona and many other tourist attractions. Rome "The eternal city" is a city of squares, museums and fountains, one of the richest cities in history in the world, wherever you go you find a church and many archaeological finds

Be Italian for one day ! 😎 Book Today !

ROME LUXURY TOURS: Vintage Fiat 500 Convoy Tour - Self-driving Experience

Immerse yourself into Italian culture and meet new friends. With these premium tours you can share the cost and still enjoy in a most luxurious way. You can open the group and wait for others to join or simply join the existing one.

Climb aboard this Italian icon who celebrated her 60th birthday in 2017!

A real institution, the Fiat 500 will let you discover Rome while offering you a unique experience.

You will go through the streets of the Eternal City away from the mass tourism circuits while following a route designed for this small car.


This was just a glimpse of what awaits you in the eternal city. We are working hard on it to find and prepare the best relaxing and yet interesting tours for you.

Words are overrated here πŸ˜‹ You will regret if you don`t click here !

We Have Many Yummy and Amazing Sensations waiting for You

Discover the secrets of Rome with fantastic private group tours. Enjoy private or split the bill with a premium tour. Your licensed tour guide will show you all the secrets of Rome. You will learn about the history of Ancient Rome and you will discover the Roman cuisine and taste the real flavor of the Roman cuisine.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to help you choose or create your holiday tour. Feel your Senses in Italy this year and collect special moments with our personal experiences.

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