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Maja Kelava

2021-09-17 14:43:42

Lisbon Street Art Culture

The best way to get to know Lisbon and to see its full charm is by its street art culture.The Portuguese capital is now known as one of the cities with the best street art and some great local artists. True open-air galleries where artists from around the world give life and brightness to some hidden places, giving each of them a new identity.

Street Art has long been a part of Lisbon`s culture. Until the 18th century most of the buildings in Lisbon were white coloured . After the strong earthquake of 1755, richer areas began to put some colours and tile into walls and pavements. Early graffiti was mainly an expression of artists in poor areas. After the democratic revolution in 1974, this self -expression increased and nowadays we have beautiful art that covers the streets of Lisbon.

Street art in Lisbon is an already popular attraction to visitors, and if you still haven't decided whether or not to visit Lisbon, maybe this article will help you decide.

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Street Art Tours in Lisbon

Check our tours in Lisbon and filter the search with Street Art keywords and see what you find out. 😉

Besides Street Art, Lisbon has plenty of cafes, restaurants, museums and beaches as well to really get to know this vibrant city. If you want to taste Lisbon, check out our Tastes and Smells sensations, because you don`t want to miss a chance to try popular Pastéis de Nata. For those who are more interested in water sport and recreation , check out our Sun, Water and Fun sensations. Smell the nature of Lisbon with us, or maybe try to go with the flow with our Nautical tours. Check this video made in Lisbon to see only a glimpse of its beauty :

Lisbon by the River 👉

Lisbon by the River Video

Have a look at our "Lisbon by the River" video on our youTube channel and subscribe it. 😊

Those, and plenty more sensations you can find in our region of Lisbon to wander this magnificent city. If you want the best experience, please choose our private tours. In that way you will have a more intimate atmosphere and more time to ask more questions and customize your tours to enjoy some special moments in Portugal.

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Find out What is Holiday Senses

If you want to know more about us, please follow the link below to the article "What Is Holiday Senses".

Here I will show you some of the Street Art tours and its itinerary to, as I wrote before, help you to decide to visit the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

Insiders Street Art Tour

Find out more about this tour by clicking here 👈

Insiders Street Art Tour

This tour is a tour by van with an expert guide. The visited art masterpieces were presented in the most famous international magazines.

Enjoy an introduction to the thriving street art scene of Lisbon, visiting not only the mainstream pieces, but also seeing the lesser known works of art that have been appreciated only by a few. Learn about the history of the scene from an expert guide.

Wanna see it and a lot more? Click here 👈

One of the most iconic Street Art master pieces

This beautiful Racoon can be found in the back yards of Belém Cultural Center. It is made of tyres, bumpers, computer parts amongst other things found in the garbage. Its author has the name of Bordalo II.

Seven Hills Street Art Tour - Small Group Walking Tour

A must do for all new visitors to Lisbon. This walking tour combines Lisbon's many breathtaking viewpoints with the vibrant and creative Street Art that cover the streets. Two very special things that make Lisbon a city to love.

One of the highlights of this combined experience is the chance to get acquainted with the local street art scene of the city. Along the way to each of the lookout points you will admire works from world renowned street artists like Vhils, as well as other talented local artists that have made Lisbon an open art gallery.

Try this small group walking tour. You will not regret. 😉

Seven Hills Street Art Tour

This walking tour combines Lisbon's many breathtaking viewpoints with the vibrant and creative Street Art that cover the streets of Lisbon.

This tour is conducted by a licensed local guide whose mission is to inform travelers on what they need to know to enhance their stay in Lisbon, and to promote Portugal's culture and heritage. From recommendations of things to do in the city, to insider advice on public transportation to other areas you would want to visit on your stay, feel free to ask your guide anything.

A coffee or ice cream break halfway through the tour is also included.


- Take in the best views Lisbon can offer

- Admire the city’s Street Art scene

- Enjoy a leisurely stroll of Lisbon coupled with insightful commentary and information

- Visit the neighborhoods of Bairro Alto and Bica

- Small group tour guaranties close and friendly attention from your guide

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A portrait dedicated to "Fado Vadio"

Climbing the stairs of Saint Cristóvão, between the Madalena's Street (Rua da Madalena) and St. Cristóvão's Church (Igreja de São Cristóvão) in Mouraria, you can find a great wall painted by a collective of artists que picturing the tradition of "Fado vadio".

This colorful and cultural city of Portugal is definitely worth a visit. This article is most written about Street Art because it is one of the best symbols for all people around the world when they mention Lisbon. For best Portugal personal experiences choose Holiday Senses, we guarantee you clean and safe tours, quality itinerary and we are always there for you. Check out our social networks, give us a thumbs up and feel your senses with Holiday Senses.

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