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Maja Kelava

2023-05-31 16:30:48

5 Best Premium Experiences In Lisbon

Premium by Holiday Senses is another word for private and fun. Let me explain to you. You go on your holidays and want to book a great tour on a yacht or some amazing private wine tour but it is just too expensive. We have the solution! We have created Premium Tours in Lisbon for everyone to feel a taste of a private atmosphere. Create a group or join the existing one and share the cost with other Small Groups. Meet new friends, have some amazing fun and enjoy the Comfort of Privacy. And to find some of the best Premium Tours and Travel Sensations, is what stands for.

Explore Lisbon in a premium way by Holiday Senses!

Lisbon is a hit destination among world travellers. Famous for its significant bridge over the Tagus River, very similar to the Golden Gate Briedge is San Francisco, California, the yellow tram, Fado, the traditional Portuguese music born and developed in its streets, sweeping vistas and viewpoints and so much more. It is surely a number one attraction in Europe.

7 Unforgettable Reasons Why You Should Visit Portugal

Find some inspiration for your next trip to Portugal in our article Below

The article below was one of the first articles we wrote about Portugal and includes a section about Lisbon. You won’t be disappointed to have a look at it too.

Lisbon, magnificent city with rich culture

Lisbon never gets boring. Every time you come to this glorious city you hear something fascinating you haven't heard before. Its story attracts more people to come to visit every year. What is the best way to find out some amazing facts about Lisbon? Our tours! Especially our Premium Experiences. These semi-private experiences at a great price are great choices to share an amazing way of exploring this enchanting city with some new people. And the bonus is you get to save money and at the same time be a candidate to get great benefits or discounts!

Explore Lisbon with Holiday Senses - click here 👈

Find some inspiration for your Premium Tours in Lisbon in our article Below

The article below is the first article we wrote about Premium Tours in Lisbon. You won’t be disappointed to have a look at it too. You can find in the link below, another amazing article with some great tips on how to more easily find what you are looking for.

Read our Article about Lisbon Street Art Culture 👌

Street Art in Lisbon - a significant symbol of this town

It is enough just to take a walk and to see and admire all this amazing art. But to hear the fascinating stories behind these pieces of art is even better.

And now you can continue to read and find our list of top 5 premium experiences in Lisbon. Of course, you can always have a different opinion and not like them, but there is plenty more on our website for you to choose from.

Here are the 5 best premium tours around Lisbon for your next holiday

Let's start with food and wine, shall we? One of the best options to get to know some new places and make some amazing friends while sharing our sensations is our amazing Tastes and Smells Sensations.

Create a group or join existing one and enjoy in one of the best wines and sea food around Lisbon 💕

1. Lisbon in Sight - Boat ride & lunch | Atlantic Flavours

These riverside attractions (Lisbon in Sight) of Lisbon have a sight over the Tagus River, the discovery of the Seixal, and the gastronomic delights on board a historic "Cacilheiro" boat, a ride on a Speedboat, and more ... A brilliant blend of emotions makes this experience unforgettable!


- 12:30 - Boarding at the Santo Amaro Dock

- Historic Speedboat Tour (Maat, Monument to the Discoveries, Torre de Belém, Foundation Champalimaud and Christ-King)

- 1:00 pm - Disembark at the restaurant Lisboa à Vista (Baía do Seixal)

- Lunch

- 3:30 pm - Boarding and return to Lisbon

- Historic Speedboat Tour (Alfama, Commerce Square, and Cais do Sodré)

- 4:00 pm - Disembark at the Santo Amaro Dock


ATLANTIC DRINK (one per person):

- Moscatel de Setúbal with orange zest

- Martini on the Rocks


- Variety of breads

- Olives

- Cheese board and national sausages


- Powder Salad

- Fried Choco

- Boiled shrimp

- Mussels

- Clams

- Shoemaker

- Cockle


- Gourmand Coffee


- White and Red Wine Sonante (Region of Dão)

- Sangria Lisboa à Vista

- Beer

- Juices and Water

- Coffee

Wanna go for a ride? Book with us! ✔

2. Beetle Private tour in Lisbon Half-Day

This tour will give you a complete perspective of Lisbon, from the creative buzz in its Historic Centre to the most quiet and relaxing side of the town. You'll discover Lisbon through the lens of some of our city lovers who designed this experience in order to make you fall in love. Now imagine the sun, the wind on your face, the river by your side, and you inside an iconic Beetle with a legendary design, robustness, and cult status.

The Previous Premium Sensation unfolds the following way


Baixa: The heart of Lisbon, this is the trendiest area in town, a meeting point of artists, bohemians and avant-garde personalities.

Senhora do Monte Viewpoint (with Ginjinha tasting): One of the highest points in the city with a magnificent view.

Campo de Santa Clara (Flea Market area): This is where the flea market takes place (only at Tuesdays and Saturdays), its origin dates back to the XIII century, therefore it is the oldest and most famous market in Lisbon.

Commerce Square: This Square was the centerpiece of the reconstruction that took place after the earthquake of 1755 which has reduced Lisbon to rubble. In a privilege location, facing the river, this is the most popular square in Lisbon and one of the largest in Europe.

Belém: The monumental historic district of the Age of Discovery, here you’ll find the magnificent World heritage monuments, wonderful parks, gardens and the Tagus River as landscape.

Pastéis de Belém (the famous custard tart tasting): Lisbon’s ex-libris whose original recipe comes from the Jerónimos Monastery, located in Belém area.

Jerónimos Monastery: A World Heritage monument, this is one of the most prominent examples of the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style of architecture in Lisbon.

Belém Tower: Built on the northern bank of the Tagus between 1514 and 1520, the Tower of Belém is one of the architectural jewels of the reign of Manuel I.

Monument to the Discoveries: An impressive monument to praise the qualities of the Portuguese people.

Cais-do-Sodré: The city's coolest district, a hub of great clubs, bars, restaurants and where is located Lisbon's biggest food market, the lively Mercado da Ribeira.

Assembly of the Republic: The parliament of the Portuguese Republic that occupies the former Benedictine monastery of São Bento da Saúde, a beautiful building.

Sounds like a lot of fun? Don`t wait! Click here and book in advance!

3. What about a nice Fun and Swim? Group of 1-12 people

What about a nice swim? Fun is with us. The best way to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a city built facing the water is by boat. Gliding along the Tagus River to the Atlantic Ocean you'll be amazed by Lisbon's splendid palaces, museums, monuments, churches, bridges, gardens, and warehouses, which all line the waterfront. We provide rides to the beach or a restaurant, or simply cook a barbecue after a swim, everything is possible.

Don`t wait! Create a group and meet new friends and learn how to surf with them☝️

4. Learn to Surf

What do you mean, you stay in Lisbon but have no plans on learning how to surf? Impossible! With Holiday Senses you can enjoy this premium experience at a low cost!

This premium experience is focused on delivering enriching experiences, having as a priority teaching small groups so that the experience and attention given to every person can be as personalised as possible. Strategically situated at Carcavelos train station (store) and with a small support point at the beach (Carcavelos) for your confort, we have the means and knowledge to take you to the most favourable place to practise the sport of your choice.

We are a group of teaching professionals, with a lot of years as sports practitioners and daily users of this so-called "our ocean"...

What's included?

• Surfboard

• Wetsuit

• Instructor

• Transport from our store to the beach

• Insurance

• Iocker

Don't miss out on this one 👌☝️

5. Horse Riding Tour on the Beach on the white sands of Comporta

And for the last advice for a premium experience in Lisbon, we chose our interesting Horse Riding Tour on the Beach! This is something you saw in movies and it just looks so much like a fun and amazing way to spend your holidays. It really is!

Pick a horse and saddle up on this 4-hour private horseback riding tour through Portugal’s scenic Comporta region. Enjoy a pickup from your hotel, then venture by private car with your driver to the white sands of Comporta, situated on the Setubal Peninsula. Admire beautiful views and wildlife along the way.

This is a Premium Tour or Sensation for horse lovers that would love to ride a horse on the white sands of Comporta in Setúbal Península in Portugal.

Comporta is an internationally well-known place of Hipism and has amazing beaches. We will trek on horseback around 14 thousand hectares of private nature reserve known as Herdade da Comporta.

Breathtaking landscape views, virgin white sandy beaches, crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean, rice paddies, and the Sado Estuary.

Get Around Lisbon with Our Private or Premium Tours

This next Article will help you Get Around Lisbon in a Better Way

We are here to help you a little bit and suggest some of the options, but it's your call. Whether you choose a Premium Sensation, Private Sensation, or a Regular one, you can choose from many different tours. In this article, we suggest our 5 best premium experiences in Lisbon and want to help you with your choice. How to get around on our website and find what you are looking for, you can check here:

Visit Lisbon and join us on an amazing journey with our Premium Experiences.

Join a Premium Tour or Activity with your Group or create one and wait for others to join! We guarantee you will enjoy a lot of fun and some special moments with unforgettable memories!

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