Who We Are!

We are a Tourism of Portugal registered company with registration number 7721. Our aim is to provide the traveller with the best Sensations and an unique Experience in the countries we do business with.

How can you buy!

You can buy with your Credit Card or PayPal account. Credit Cards are processed by Stripe services. In many cases, if you wish you do not need to pay in advance the totality of the Sensation. You just pay a reservation fee to guarantee your place and the remaining information and amount to pay to the provider will be described in your voucher.

Can you cancel?

You can cancel a paid reservation by email (  [email protected] ) in most cases until 5 days before Sensation date. If the Sensation includes several days with accomodation the cancellation time is 30 days. Please check our Terms of Service .

Who We Are

Who We Are
Find what you desire With Ease

Find what you desire

With Ease

Book your Sensation Alone or with others

Book your Sensation

Alone or with others

Private Sensations Just for you and yours

Private Sensations

Just for you and yours






Unique Experience

Unique Experience

Be Personal

The way you live and experience your holidays in Hungary is a very personal thing. So we try to find the best sensations available in Hungary for your tastes and likes, for that lifestyle you are looking for. We offer Private Group Tours Hungary as a way to enhance safety. Amongst the many activities we provide we are quite sure that there are those provided personally for you (with that special local guide if desired).

Plan Easily

We want not only to provide the best quality sensations suited just for your lifestyle but also help you plan that leisure time while in Hungary. So, before you decide to acquire any Special Moments in Hungary you can decide to choose a private luxury tours of Hungary. Or as an alternative choose Premium Experiences Hungary. Premium Sensations are a way to keep a high level of privacy while reducing costs by sharing it with a limited number of people you choose. We are quite sure you will find this very helpful.

Be Personal
Be Unique

Be Unique

Do not be just another tourist in the Hungary mass market services. We do and also are quite sure you will do your best to find that unique sensation and experience with that special local guide. If you don't quickly find it, use our filters and your search strings and you will get there. we are positive we will provide you with those Personal Experiences in Hungary you deserve.

Be Different

Find that difference in you and your holiday time in Hungary will be an unforgettable experience. Don't be just another in the crowd. Choose Private Group Tours Hungary and feel those Personal Experiences in Hungary you look for. So, be different, be personal, be unique and true to yourself.

Be Different