Private Night Walk: Sintra, Dreams in the Woods







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You'll enjoy a night walk (around 6 kilometres in 4 hours) around Sintra's village, including a short incursion into the dark of the mountain, while accompanied by an Historian who will tell you dazzling tales hidden in Sintra's History.

Near Sintra's Historic Centre - where the meeting point is - you'll find yourself in a street, whilst also in the middle of a hill. We will walk around the edge of the mountain, between old parts of the Village and the hills, with a few stops along the way, where you will see in the distance some monuments (the old Royal Palace, Pena Palace, Sintra's Castle (Moorish Castle), among others), and you'll hear about how they were in the past, as well as some unusual Hystorical tales conveyed to you by Sintra's foremost history researcher, the Historian Miguel Boim.

The second part of the walk will take you on a short incursion in the dark of the mountain. The terrain will be mostly regular, with the exception of some parts in which a few steps will require climbing. Nothing extraordinary for people with no mobility impairments. Overall, the effort implied in the whole night walk is equivalent to a whole afternoon strolling in a touristic place.

This second part will include some stops, where you'll hear about some of History's most curious and least known intriguing stories. In some parts you'll walk in the dark night, with unique views along the way.
In what you have dreamt today - remembered or already forgot - you have fulfilled what many of the figures of our History have also experienced: the ever present magic in the strange occurrences of life, and also the bizarre, which through fear or false wonder, seems to have been cast under a spell.

In this night walk in Sintra, prepare yourself to hear about what some figures of the past have dreamt here, how their dreams have spawned monuments, what sound and sight they experienced in the Mountains and in the shore, and what fears arose from what they heard in the night.

The walk will have around 6 kilometres (in around 4 hours) mostly in regular terrain. The effort implied is equivalent to spending a whole afternoon strolling around Sintra, with its ups and downs.

Needless to say you may feel at will to ask any question you may have related to Sintra's History.

We will end our night walk at Sintra's Historic Centre, where you'll then have the opportunity to experience its nocturnal tranquility.

⭐ Highlights
+ Seize the Sintra Mountains tales from History for the delight of your imagination
+ Know the historic facts and the tales through the eyes and words of a reputed Historian
+ Circulate around the village and into the dark of the mountain guided by a local
+ Experience the mysterious aura that surrounds Sintra's History
+ Discover European medieval beliefs in Sintra's History

✔ Included
+ You'll be provided with a safety vest, so you can be safe and visible in the dark of the night.

❌ Not Included
+ Inside access to the monuments is not part of the programme.

‼ Know Before You Book
.Booking needed until 72h prior to the desired date, in accordance to the Natural Parks legislation and mandatory reporting to authorities.

.Minimum age: 14.
.This walk is not recommended for people with limited mobility, cardiac conditions, or pregnant women.

.No smoking allowed.
.Since it is in the mountains you will find ups and downs (in regular terrain) in the route.
.The terrain will be irregular in some parts, but nothing a person with no movement impairment can't handle.
.The walk has about 6 kilometres in around 4 hours (circular route; 4 hours including stoppings at specifical points).
.This walk will take place between 20h00 and 01h00.
.This walk will occur under almost all weather conditions (being the exception the ones that may imply any risks for the participants or warnings from the Civil Protection) so please have the proper clothing and footwear (no need to be technical equipment for hiking).

⚠ Know Before You Go
.Please be at the meeting point at 20h00.
.You will need comfortable footwear (the same you would use to stroll around in a touristic place for a whole afternoon) and clothes that can be suitable for cold but that you can easily remove them if you feel hot.
.Each element of your group must have their ID with them.
.Make sure everyone in your group has their individual bottle of water.

📍 Meeting Point
At Volta do Duche (the street between the train station and Sintra's Historic Centre), nr. 62, 2710, Sintra, Portugal, you will find the Moorish Fountain in front of a zebra crossing. It is easy to find since people are always stopping to take pictures of the fountain. Miguel Boim will be on one of the sides of the fountain. You will recognize him by the bearded person face in the logo.


  • For lovers of:

    Culture and a View and Smell the Nature.

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  • Duration:

    04:00 Hours

  • GPS Location:

    Lat:38.7963219N Long:9.3886109W

  • Meeting point:

    Volta do Duche, 62

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    English, Portuguese


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    Minimum: 1

    Maximum: 10

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    Not Allowed Up to the age of 13

  • Babies:

    Not Allowed Up to the age of 3

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    Within: 48 hours


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    From 55.00 € up to 140.00 €


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    ['Paper', 'Electronic']


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    January - December


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